After seeing my oldest little bird flourish at her Constructivist/Montessori pre-school (the one I love so much that I blubbered at her end-of-year parent/teacher meeting), I’m a believer.  

What is Montessori?

In a nutshell, it’s a scientifically proven method of teaching + caring for kids that fosters independent & creative thinking and problem solving.  

Kinda the stuff you’d want to cultivate in your kids if you fantasize about their future with Google/Pixar/Stanford/TED talks.  

So the activities you’ll get each week are largely about the process, not a specific outcome.  

Translation: you ain’t gonna have a lot of cutesy stuff to hang on the wall.  But you will have fun with your littles, boost their creativity and build their confidence.

Each activity comes with a short explanation of how it benefits your littles’ development so you can start to get the hang of Montessori and apply it everywhere else you see fit.