Hey there, mama.  

Hi there, little birdie!

Hi there, little birdie!

If you’re feeling a little tired and not relishing the thought of dragging out a bunch of supplies, I have something for you!

All of the Home with Littles music activities are fairly straightforward, and have a theme.  The idea is to be able enjoy music with your kids in a relaxed, enjoyable way, in your own home  

The theme for this activity is BIRDS.

You can do these steps in any order, but what I suggest is:

  1. Show your little the included photo (and discuss).

  2. Listen to the bird sounds.

  3. Listen to the music.

  4. Move while listening - how do different birds move?  If you have some flowing scarves, they will definitely make things more fun.

Some other things you can talk about:

  • Where have you seen birds?

  • Where do birds live?

  • What do birds eat?

  • What colors of birds have you seen?

  • What do birds keep in their nests?

  • Do you hear the birds in the music?  Does it sound like a bird to you?


Get your customized Spotify playlist:

  • Bird sounds
  • Saint-Saëns: Carnival of the Animals, Aviary
  • Prokofiev: Peter + the Wolf, The Bird
  • Respighi: Gli uccelli (The Birds), Movt. V: Il cucu (the cuckoo)
  • Leopold Mozart: Toy Symphony, Movt. I, Allegro

Download the entire activity (printable, with hyperlinks to resources)


  • enhances social + emotional development
  • boosts imagination + creativity
  • gives them an edge in areas like math, language and literacy