Music can change your littles’ brains--for the better.

No joke.  Studies from around the world have shown over and over that music enhances social and emotional development, and gives them an edge in areas like math, language and literacy.

Best part: you don’t need conservatory training or to spend lots of money to give your kids a great musical foundation.

Giving your kid the gift of music doesn’t have to mean expensive instruments, shuttling them from lesson to lesson, forcing them to practice, or even leaving the house.  All you really need is some imagination and desire.  

That’s why we include at least 2 musical activities each month.  They’re designed to be easy, to (for the most part) use whatever you have on hand, and to spark imagination and creativity.  You’ll probably find that you’re enjoying the hell out of it, too.

Who better to be their first music teacher than the person they love the most? (YOU)