We take the thinking and searching and hand wringing out of it all month long.

3 fun, easy, and engaging activities to do with your kids sent to your inbox every week, AND:

  • It’s usually with things you already have on hand
  • You get a downloadable, printable version of each activity to hang on the fridge & follow along

  • They’re designed with a purpose - to encourage important things like motor skills, imagination, and independence. 

The activities are mostly geared for toddlers through kindergarten, but we include modifications for your older and younger birdies.

We also cover things like:

  • Setting up your home for your little birds to succeed

  • Curating your kids’ space to keep them interested and to grow those little minds

WHY 3?

  • the novelty of new activities lasts for at least a couple of days and kids usually ask to repeat things. A lot. Have you seen Frozen?

  • Life with kids means you also need to carve out time for: getting outside, grocery shopping, dental appointments, Amy Schumer binge naps, play dates, fevers…

  • In short, you probably won’t be able to do more than 3 new activities any given week. If you can, can we have some of what you’re having?

We also include little surprises + gifts for moms.  Because: I-wanted-to-cut-my-waffle-MYSELF meltdowns.  

Sometimes you just need a little somethin'

The quickest way for a parent to get a child’s attention is to sit down and look comfortable.
— Lane Olinghouse